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Wyvern College

The Wyvern is a legendary creature with a dragon’s head and wings, a reptilian body, two legs and a tail.

It has a long association with Branksome Hall, Darlington the home of John Kitching, a railway entrepreneur and founder of Darlington Unionist Association. The family also founded a foundry in the town, now known as The Whessoe Foundry, on Whessoe Road. He was also a Quaker.

The Kitching family crest originally contained a knight’s helmet and shield with three logos, but John removed the helmet, added the Wyvern for protection and the motto ‘Nunquam cedo’, which means ‘I never yield’.

Wyvern College Manager - Mrs Cairns

The college system is a vital part of the ethos of Hummersknott Academy.

The five colleges effectively provide a smaller ‘family’ within the wider school, to which each student belongs. What I love, and feel is so important about being within a college, is that I get to know both the students and their families so well over their time here.

I am extremely proud of my Wyvern family and all that they achieve, from fundraising for our chosen charity, to competing in college competitions. These include  the annual sports day, Music Festival  and swimming gala, as well as awards for good attendance and positive behaviours.

Each year brings different challenges but as a college we work together and most importantly, have fun together!