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Cuthbert was an Anglo-Saxon saint, a monk and the Bishop of Lindisfarne (from 684AD) and he is an extremely important person in NE England history.

He was buried at Lindisfarne (Holy Island) the day he died, and after long journeys escaping the Danes (Vikings), his remains were brough to settle at Durham, causing the foundation of the city and Durham Cathedral.

St Cuthbert’s coffin (one of a series of several coffins), remains at the cathedral and is an important rare survival of Anglo-Saxon carving on wood. When the coffin was last inspected on 17 May 1827, a Saxon square cross of gold, embellished with garnets, in the characteristic splayed shape, used later as the heraldic emblem of St Cuthbert in the arms of Durham and Newcastle universities, was found.

The St Cuthbert Gospel is among the objects later recovered from St Cuthbert’s coffin, which is an important religious artefact.

St Cuthbert’s Church in Darlington was named after him, and we use the Cuthbert Cross as the cross on our school badge.

Cuthbert College Manager - Mrs Kirby

In Cuthbert I take pride in that we all work together as a family and look after each other.  We work on being very honest with each other and building strong relationships from that.  We have an open door policy and welcome everyone.