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Here is a full list of facilities available to hire at Hummersknott Academy. If you would like to book any of these or just get some more information please call 01325246469 or email [email protected]

Sports Hall

The Sports Hall is an excellent space which is currently equipped with; cricket nets, 5 a side football goals, basketball and netball hoops, badminton nets and also a curtain (to split the hall in half). It is great for activities such as; indoor football (5 a side), cricket practice, basketball, large fitness classes, badminton, netball etc. The hall can also be hired for children’s birthday parties, such as – football parties, indoor bouncy castle, nerf gun parties etc.

  • Price per hour – £44 (Adults) £32 (Juniors – 18 and under)
  • Cricket nets per hour – £35
  • Birthday party with coach – £90 (includes 1 hour football / 1 hour dining hall hire)
  • Badminton Court – £10 (per hour)

Gymnasium/dance studio

The large gymnasium comes equipped with mirrors along one side of the walls, ballet bars, gym mats and exercise equipment such as; medicine balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes etc. It is a great space for dance groups, gymnastics and fitness classes.

  • Price per hour – £30 (Adults) £26 (Juniors – 18 and under)


20m long pool with up to 4 lanes available for hire along with a lifeguard which may also be booked if required. Great for swimming lessons, public swim sessions and birthday parties.

  • Price per hour – £50 (Adults) £38 (Juniors – 18 and under)
  • Pool party with lifeguard – £100 (includes 1 hour swim / 1 hour dining hall hire)

Playing Fields

We have multiple grass playing fields with football and rugby goals, 400m running track (seasonal) and long jump area. A great space for football training/matches, rugby games/training, rounders, outdoor fitness classes and more.

  • Price per match – £50 (Adults) £35 (Juniors – 18 and under)

3G Pitch

The 3G pitch is a full sized 11 a side football pitch with floodlights which can be split into 3 smaller 7 a side pitches. Great for football training and matches using the full pitch or 1/3. Also used for rugby training and football birthday parties which can be booked along with a coach. (price below)

  • Price per hour for 1/3 – £50 (Adults) £38 (Juniors – 18 and under)
  • Price per hour for full 3G pitch – £105 (Adults) £85 (Juniors – 18 and under)
  • Football party with coach – £90 (includes 1 hour football / 1 hour dining hall hire)

Tennis/Netball courts

The outside court area is an excellent size and has 4 tennis and netball courts. It’s a great space for outside games such as tennis, netball, rounder’s and outdoor fitness classes.

  • Tennis court price per hour – £5
  • Netball court price per hour – £15


We have a variety of spacious classrooms all with tables, chairs, projector and whiteboard. All rooms typically seat around 36 people; however, these rooms can be rearranged to suit your needs. Our classrooms are currently used for English, Maths and Language lessons as well as meetings and yoga classes.

  • Price per hour £17 (Adults) £15 (Juniors – 18 and under)

Pat Howarth Hall

The Pat Howarth Hall has retractable theatre style seating for up to 208 people and space to accommodate an additional 100 seats. It is an ideal venue for events such as dance and music performances, parties, receptions, exhibitions, conferences, fitness classes and birthday parties. Technical support for the lighting and sound systems is also available to hire on request.

  • Price per hour £32 (Adults) £30 (Juniors – 18 and under)

Dining Hall

The Dining hall is a large space which is ideal for fitness and exercise classes. It is also suited to children’s birthday parties and may be used in conjunction with bookings of other facilities.

  • Price per hour – £24 

Drama/Dance studios

The drama rooms are ideal for performing arts, dance classes, karate lessons, yoga classes etc. There are 2 rooms; one is laminate flooring and one is half carpeted. Both rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, mirrors, interactive whiteboard and speakers.


  • Price per hour – £22 (Adult) £16 (Juniors – 18 and under)

ICT Suites

These rooms come equipped with up to 30 computers, a projector and an interactive whiteboard. Ideal for teaching online courses to large groups of people.

  • Price per hour – £22 (Adults) £15 (Juniors – 18 and under)

Music Rooms

There are 2 large music rooms and 3 smaller practice rooms. The large music rooms are ideal for music lessons and come equipped with a variety of equipment which can be used upon request; pianos, keyboards, drum sets, guitars (acoustic and electric) amps, apple macs, microphones, tables, chairs, projector and interactive whiteboard. The practice rooms are perfect for 1to1 lessons and again equipment can be provided upon request.

  • Classrooms price per hour – £17
  • Practice rooms price per hour – £14 (Adults) £9 (Juniors – 18 and under)

Food Technology Room

The food tech room is a great size and has 16 workstations each with its own cooking equipment available upon request. An ideal room for cookery lessons it is also equipped with projector and interactive whiteboard.

  • Price per hour – £27

Textiles Room

The textiles room is equipped with 8 sewing machines as well as tables and seating for 24. There is also a projector and interactive whiteboard and is ideal for sewing lessons.

  • Price per hour – £22

Art Studios

Our Art studios are great for art clubs/classes. Equipped with projector, interactive whiteboard and even a Kiln (available upon request and must have prior training to use)


  • Price per hour – £17