Going Cashless

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Going Cashless

Hummersknott Active have made the decision to go cashless from August 1st 2023. This means all payments made after this date will need to be made with a contactless payment method or using our online booking systems/store.


For facility hire all bookings and payments will be made through School Hire:



For our Holiday Club all bookings and payments must be made using our online booking system:


Any Tuck Shop payments will be taken via contactless payment methods when dropping children off on a morning


For services provided by Hummersknott Active (eg Public Swimming, £3 football) we ask that customers use contactless payment methods but we do have some alternatives if needed:

Online Store – https://hummersknott-active-limited.square.site/

Gift Cards – https://squareup.com/gift/ML6V3H9BC2ZYP/order