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At Hummersknott, our values of taking responsibility, show you care and show respect underpin our approach to supporting our students to make a positive contribution each day. We believe that high standards and high expectations allow students in our care to thrive both academically and socially, ensuring that they are able to leave our school with the skills needed to be a well-functioning member of the community.  We have clear and consistent expectations of all our students with personal responsibility, mutual respect and cooperation between all members of our community at the centre.  Our high standards are key in supporting our students to develop both personally and academically and as a result this helps them to develop a strong work ethic, a positive approach to life and the ability to communicate effectively.



Our uniform must be worn correctly by all students in the academy.  The uniform consists of:

  • Black blazer with the correct college badge sewn on the pocket
  • Black pleated school skirt – worn with black tights
  • Black school trousers – these must not be denim, stretch material, leggings or skin-tight
  • School tie purchased from our supplier
  • Plain, black, flat shoes or ankle boots – these must not be trainers
  • White shirt with academy tie or white blouse with revere collar
  • Optional – plain black v-necked jumper to be worn under the blazer, not instead of a blazer.   It must not be round-necked or a sweatshirt or a ‘hoody’


In addition, students are only permitted to wear:

  • a wristwatch
  • one small stud in in each earlobe
  • appropriate and minimal cosmetic make-up to cover blemishes


Students are not permitted to wear:

  • bracelets including charity bands (medical alert/religious bracelets are allowed)
  • rings, chains and necklaces (anxiety rings are not allowed, religious necklaces are allowed but must be worn under the shirt)
  • piercings of any kind (other than stated above)
  • nail varnish, false eyelashes or acrylic nails

Whilst we will always endeavour to work with parents constructively where there are issues with uniform, our uniform policy is strictly enforced and consequences for non-compliance will be issued.


Other Expectations

We are committed as an academy to ensuring that students maximise their learning time and have a clear focus on their studies when they are present so that they make excellent progress.  Therefore we have the following expectations to support students in maximising and prioritising their learning:

  • Students are expected to have a minimum attendance rate of 96% as it is vital that students attend lessons consistently in order for them to achieve well.  We have a dedicated attendance team which support families who are having difficulty in ensuring that this expectation is met and they will contact families when attendance falls below this expectation.
  • Students are expected to attend school on time.  Our students are expected to be in school by 8.25am ready for an 8.30am start.  Whilst we would always endeavour to work with parents constructively where there are issues with punctuality, our punctuality policy is strictly enforced and consequences for students being repeatedly late to school will be issued.
  • Due to safeguarding issues, students are not allowed to have their phone switched on in the building.  It must be switched off and in their bag for the duration of the school day.  If parents need to contact their child during the school day, they must contact main reception rather than attempt to contact their child directly.  Air pods and ear phones are also not permitted to be used during the school day.